Friction routes on beautiful granitic rocks, which start directly from Boggia River,  famous for being a great place for canyoning too.








 Guido Lisignoli
guida alpina

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all'attacco della via "Pochi è bello"
1- Cheddite 150m (5L) 6c
2-Nuovo cinema paradiso 250m (6L) 6a+
3-Sapone di Marsiglia 160m (4L) 6b
4-Paradisdican 230m (6L) 5b
5- Sandro's grappa (Inox) 230m (5L) 6a
6 -Underground 230m (5L) 6b+
7- Pochi è bello 250m (5L) 6c
8- Pirati del Boggia 250m (5L) 6a+

Sulla via Cheddite

Strada della Val Bodengo>
(permits available at the bar in Gordona)
1 km after Dunadiv restaurant you rappel from the rail beside the road. Good parking 100m furter on.
(5 rappels 50 m each)


10 km

Two sections located within a short distance from one another. The “Settimo Cielo” slabs have not too difficult routes, from 3 to 4 pitches . The “Culla” routes instead are shorter and more challenging. Both sections have a really nice and abrasive rock. The access is not the easiest one, but if you’re able to follow the right way it’s not too long and can even be enjoyable (despite the high grass and thorny vegetation).

Approach:  From Bodengo, by the fountain  at the end of the village, you must ascend the grassy hill behind it – along the side of the creek- following a track through the vegetation until meeting a nice path coming from the right side. Follow it, cross the creek and continue on the steep and quite pronounced path. When arrived to a small open space the path bends to the left, still ascending. After reaching a second creek  go up the grassy hill in the “Culla” section direction walking around its base. To reach the “Settimo Cielo” slabs continue following an ascending band with a few easy steps on the rocks (long pants recommended).

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ROSA DEI VENTI, the first route open on Signame slab by Franco Giacomelli and Renata Rossi on 1990 has been recently rebolted. It is a beautiful friction climbing and now with a more direct line in some sections.
It is  possible to start below with two addictional  pitches on S.Pietro slab too.
You can see the detailed list of the climbs on
Valchiavenna Rock Climbing
New Route on Placche Nere - Barzena.
Fine friction climbing on excellent granitic rock offering the possibility of joining Filo d'Arianna and Placche Verdi starting directly from the road to Bodengo. If you do that you can obtain a route 15 pitches long.  From the top of Placche Nere you can instead return to the parking car through Barzena village.