The slabs at Mese, appreciated for easy and well protected routes, have been recently revised by adding new climbs on the entire rocks and re-bolting some old itinerary for very interesting climbing (as well as the route "La centrale"). In addiction to the previous climb with reasonable difficulty you can find now higher grade that gets this climbing area more variated and complete. It is possible to combine different itinerary too and realize climbs as long as 10 pitches.

Bolting is very good.
is granite with friction routes predominantly.
E, some routes have shade in the afternoon. 
70m rope and quickdrows necessary only.

Approach is very easy and begins in Mese (via don P. Lucchinetti) by the Sport Center, where a path  beside the gym  corner gets brefly to the base.


160m, 6L - 6a (5c obbl.)

Guido Lisignoli, Giò Mazza 9 maggio 2023

New climbing route with moderate difficulties at Mese slabs.
It begins 40 meter of distance from Ferrata  starting point and it is joining this onto the summit.
 It is a direct, interesting line and due to its NE exposition offers shade by the afternoon. The last pitch is the same of “Prima vera di Greta” and descent is preferable by the comfortable path like via Ferrata.
Rappelling is possible too with a single 70m rope.


On the picture below:  L4, 6a

160m, 5L - 6b (6a obbl.)
Riccardo Lerda - May 2023

Not far from via Fedele was opened this interesting line on beautiful rock. Difficulty is a bit harder and descending is similar to the previous route.
Rappelling is possible too on W73 (5x 35m).
Together with the specified topos of this two recent itineraries we show the entire topo of Mese routes all deserving to be climbed.